What is an ODN

An Operational Delivery Network (ODN) is a way to bring different parties (clinicians, providers, commissioners, patients) together to realise change across complex systems of care in order to improve care quality and outcomes.

Developing an ODN is now acknowledged as a successful way of achieving strategic change in the NHS.

All ODNs have three main functions:

▪ Increasing operational effectiveness and consistency

▪ Improving care

▪ Managing patient flows

Network members manage capacity and patient flows so that patients receive care from the most appropriate provider, as close to home as possible, and quality of care across the area improves.

Our Aim

The aim is collaboration and bringing together clinicians, providers, commissioners, and patients to provide safe high-quality service across the Network region and to improve outcomes for children cared for within it.

Our Strategy

The purpose is to understand the needs of children and young people in North East and North Cumbria and what is the best way to deliver surgical care and Critical Care.

To address variation and standardise regional pathways.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve care quality and outcomes, raising the profile of services for children and young people who require surgery and Critical Care.

We hope to achieve this by sharing good practice and training in collaboration with NHSE specialised commissioners.