• 4Louis


    Supports families through miscarriage, stillbirth and child loss

  • Team Evie help and support families if their child takes ill or is involved in an accident, during their time on the ward in hospital and then at home in the community

  • Family Fund is the UK's largest grant-making charity for families raising a disabled or seriously ill child, on a low income

  • Helping families caring for a seriously ill child make the most of every moment together

  • Working together to change the lives of children and young people with asthma

  • Working together to change the lives of children and young people with anaphylaxis

  • DigiBete is a site to help young people, families and communities to manage Type 1 Diabetes. DigiBete is a video platform and app, a one-stop-shop for young people’s diabetes management and is funded by NHS England

  • Childhood epilepsy is frightening, isolating and often a misunderstood condition.   Young Epilepsy work with children and young people, to ensure their voices are heard and their rights protected.

  • Tiny Happy People helps you develop your child's language skills. Explore simple activities and play ideas and find out about babies and toddlers' amazing early development.

  • A practical guide to children’s teeth and oral health

  • WellChild is the national UK children's charity making it possible for children and young people with exceptional health needs to be cared for at home instead of hospital, wherever possible.

Medicines for Children QR Codes

A series of posters displaying QR codes for medicines commonly prescribed to children or for general advice